FIVE Core and Essential Qualities a Caregiver Must Have

FIVE Core-and-Essential-Qualities-a-Caregiver-Must-Have

It is already a given fact that searching and hiring a live-in caregiver, a nanny, a senior caregiver or a family caregiver is one of the toughest tasks we do for our loved ones. Frequently, families who have successfully found the right and suitable caregiver, brag about the main thing, well, it is not always about the educational and background requirements they met, but rather, they talk big that about the happiness and satisfaction they get from the kind of caregiver they have – and that is all because of the qualities their caregivers possess.

Now what are the main and essential qualities a potential caregiver must have? Here are the five important qualities to consider based on the experiences of families who are pleased and content with their caregivers:

1. Positive Attitude – This is the priority, I can say. When caregivers have positive attitude no matter how difficult their duties and their clients are, they can establish joy in your home. They may face emotional or physical hurdles, but with positivity they have, they can manage to smile over anything which can truly be appreciated by the families they serve. On the other hand, one who always practices negativity is not professional at all. A caregiver with a negative attitude can drag down the happy energy a family has at home.

2. Capability – Consider the caregiver who is competent, flexible and independent. Make sure that the ones who are likely to provide care to your loved ones are very dependable. Keep in mind that seniors, kids and those with special needs are very vulnerable. So, care providers must be experienced and skilled enough to do the specific tasks you have for them. Their proficiency and knowledge are important factors to do their job well. Like for example, you need a caregiver who knows how to adapt to a loud and big family. A caregiver you should get is one who has background about or better who belongs to a big family as well.

3. Values and Character – This is really very important to consider. Your families’ personality is also at stake when they have a caregiver. Remember, your loved ones will spend most of their time with them, meaning, they can become accustomed by the characteristics, habits, and manner that they regularly practice. Better know the values and characters they have been putting into practice or inherited from their families and surroundings. This can be done thru an essay or writing, as one of their requirements when you let them apply for the position.

4. Compatibility – Admit it, chemistry and instinct are always reliable. There can be a feeling that your prospect caregiver shares a particular connection with you, which can make the task easier and constantly positive. If a caregiver gives you a feeling of assurance and rest because of the pleasing personality he or she possesses, you are then compatible to work in a healthy and friendly environment together. Most importantly, a happy bond can be created at all times.

5. Empathy – One of the best qualities a caregiver can have is a sense of empathy for those being cared for. Whether they are caring for a senior, a kid or one with special needs, a sense of personal understanding and connection is very important. Good caregivers understand that the ones they give care may feel vulnerable, scared, confused and uncomfortable at times. A good caregiver is able to acquire trust and can create a sense of calm in spite of any dilemma.

Yes, choosing the perfect caregiver for family requires keen judgment. You should choose someone who possesses the essential and core qualities. Understand their needs because our loved ones can be fragile individuals who need to be cared for in the best possible way. Choose the best caregiver for your family! Why settle for less if you can have the best?  All it takes is a little searching and an awareness of the qualities to look for. Our families deserve no less than the best we have to offer.

Cindy Guevarra is a teacher and a writer with bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts. During free time, she loves to cook, dance, read and write.

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